"Once upon a time
there was a girl that wanted a bag..."

The answer to the question "where  can I buy what i have in mind" that's where IMOAN started. At IMOAN we believe that the customer knows best and when your creativity starts, our production begins. Designed and inspired by customers all over the world makes every IMAON a unique piece.
Aspire to inspire others!  


International Muse Of All Nature


Founder of the IMOAN brand to open up her way of thinking to everyone who wants to know. Naomi set it up out of her own desire to create together. IMOAN is led by the input of customers. The designs of the bags are based on requests and ongoing fabric and material change. 

Every new item that will be add to the collection has a story because it is based on customers requests. Involving the customer in the proces makes the approach and creative part more personal interactive.


Creating a collection based on the input and designs of customers all over the world. Send your request for a sketch

"Aspire to inspire others together"


A beloved brand that encourage creativity and is led internationally by everyone's requests and desire.


- Sustainable -

The main material is leather. Chosen because of his natural roots and authentic purpose. A biodegradable base with the greatest natural qualities to create a unique piece for a lifetime. 

The materials will be purchased based on the orders. Minimizing our stock ongoing and only use what's needed. 

- Honest -

Every IMOAN is handmade with care and honest labor. Personal service, patient and love makes the process efficient and a unique collection of special edition. 

- International -

Get inspired by others and everything that all roots, cultures and people have to offer. Everybody can create their IMOAN piece and get inspired by colorful fabrics of different cultures and origins. 

- Lovable -

Embracing customers leads to embracing the brand, our brand.


She started this

The way I look into this world reflects the designs and content stories around the brand. My personality, creativity, family, friends, and every place I go and the people I meet: that's IMOAN bags. My name is turned around and became the abbreviation of my aspiration: International muse of all nature. Created by and for people, inspired by everything we see... 

While traveling she buys fabric from different cultures. Small quantities from all over the world. This concept creates an ongoing variation of fabric and material choice on a monthly basis. Because of this concept, every item is a special edition on his own.


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The collection is created with and by our customers
"That makes the whole collection unpredictable by every piece"