International Muse Of All Nature

The production starts where your creativity begins!

The production starts where your creativity begins...

There is a small collection of leather & fabric every month to choose from.
That's how we keep the stock small and only use the materials that are needed. And most important: you always have a special edition.

She started this

The answer to the question - where  can I buy what i have in mind? - that's where IMOAN started. At IMOAN we believe that the customer knows best and when your creativity starts, our production begins. Designed and inspired by customers all over the world makes every IMAON a unique piece.

The way I look into this world reflects the designs and content stories around the brand. My personality, creativity, family, friends, and every place I go and the people I meet: that's IMOAN bags. My name is turned around and became the abbreviation of my aspiration: International muse of all nature. Created by and for people, inspired by everything we see... READ MORE